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Our hours, holiday, special, and otherwise will always be kept updated on Google


The order:
Please only select available items from the menu below. Example:
6 x Individual croissant cheeseboards
2 x Cheeseboard croissant for 4 

Preferred pick up date:
(Our processes are intensive and product fresh. Please allow 24-48 hours for all regular and holiday menu items below, and 72 hours notice for cakes – we’ll let you know if we can’t manage) 

Preferred pick up time: 
(Mon to Thurs 9 a.m.-1p.m., Fri to Sun 9 a.m.-3 p.m.)

A phone number:
(To text you, only if necessary, on the day of your order)

The address if for delivery, and all relevant needed delivery information: 
Delivery date/apt/buzz/where to place and leave (Please carefully read below for delivery days and policies before requesting delivery)

That’s it! That’s all you have to do. 

  • Orders placed via email will be paid online via Quickbooks. An easy to pay invoice will be sent to upon confirmation. Repeat customers may request tap pay on arrival! 

For smaller orders, croissants, viennoiserie, treats, sandwiches, coffees, a few pastries etc please look up our hours on Google, and walk in to grab and go. Our case is stocked daily with both sweet and savoury options, and our shop front is first come first serve. On slower weekdays, the front of house can hold items for you for an hour if you call before coming – to their discretion.


  • We deliver every Wednesday and Saturdaywe can only begin our route when we wrap up in the kitchen, usually mid afternoon to early evening.

  • We cannot accept delivery time requests – please pick up if you need your item before a particular time on delivery days

Delivery Minimums:
No contact deliveries are done by our chefs. There are no hidden costs to you or society. Delivery charges are only to help cover associated expenses and fair hourly pay, and is less than combination of surcharges you must pay with every big corporate app: 
– There are no assorted service fees or taxes on food product
– There is no menu price inflation (to combat delivery apps extorting from small businesses 
– Tips are not requested or necessary
Thank you greatly for your support.

Delivery Zones:

  • Zone 1: South of Bloor St, West of Yonge St, East of Park Lawn Rd
    Free delivery if order over $100 (Under minimum: $10)
  • Zone 2: Bloor St to Lawrence Ave, Yonge St to DVP, Park Lawn Rd to Kipling Ave: $10 delivery if order over $100 (Under minimum: $20)
  • Zone 3: Lawrence Ave to Finch Ave, DVP to Markham Rd, Kipling Ave to Erin Mills Pkwy: $15 delivery if order over $100 (Under minimum: $30)

Extended GTA zones: Please note we only deliver to these zones on busy holidays like Valentines day. Exceptions possible under regular catering fees:

  • Zone 4: Finch Ave to Major MacKenzie Dr, Markham Rd to Port Union Rd, Erin Mills Pkwy to Bronte Rd ($20 delivery if order over $100 (Under minimum: $40)
  • Zone 5: Major Mackenzie Dr to King Rd, Port Union Rd to Brock Rd, Bronte Rd. to Guelph line : $25 delivery if order over $100 (Under minimum: $50)

All pre-orders are paid via an easy to pay online invoice that we send upon confirmation. Thank you for working with us during these unprecedented times


SIGNATURE VIENNOISERIE – choose your own croissant box 

(walk in only for less than 6)

Our very French viennoiserie is boldly bien cuit, is made with pounded creamery butter, an incredible lamination technique unique to us, and our croissants are larger than other similar offerings in the city. Freeze covered or wrapped, and thaw or bake gently to reheat. 

  • Butter Croissant – $3.75 
  • Pain au Chocolat – $4 
  • Croissant aux amandes – $4.75
  • Chocolatine aux amandes – $4.75
  • Cinnamon Croissant Roll  –  $5.75 
  • Kouign-Amaan – $4.75 
  • Dark Chocolate Croissant Pudding – $6.25
  • Fruit and Nut Croissant Pudding – $6.25
  • French Onion Soup Roll – $6.25 
  • Smoked Sweet Potato Biscuit Strata – $6.25 
  • Ham and Cheese Biscuit Strata – $6.25 
  • Jalapeño Cornbread – $6.25 

Speciality Viennoiserie

(Minimum amount for pre-order is 4 pieces, unless in combination with other items)

  • Ferrero | triple pain au chocolat, frangipane de noissette, Belgian milk chocolate hazelnut ganache, candied hazelnuts  – $8
  • Citrusberry | twice baked raspberry frangipane pain au chocolat, raspberry orange compote, candied orange peel – $8
  • TTR Sticky Toffee | Croissant pudding ribboned with plump medjool dates, layered with dark, voluptuous, proper sticky toffee sauce – $10 
  • Truffled Cheeseboard Croissant | A curated tasting selection of cheese, house preserves, and fresh and transformed fruits and nuts, all plated on a delicious ‘cheese board’ made of croissant, and filled with smoked/truffled caramelized honey panna cotta
    Please specify both size and quantity when placing order:  Individual $18 | For 2 $36 | For 4 $72 (simple modifications like no nuts, no blue cheese, and no truffle accepted for this item) 


Any relevant storage or preparation instructions will be provided upon request

  • 10 year multigrain sourdough starter – this is our pride and joy. Revenue from Mother Doug will go towards our employee volunteer program | 250g – $18
  • Fresh Yeast | 1 lb – $10
  • TTR croissant and AP flour | 1 kg – $5
  • TTR medium extraction whole wheat flour | 500g – $5
  • TTR 7 grain stone ground flour | 500g – $5
  • TTR finely sifted almond flour| 500g – $15 
  • Vegan aioli | 1L – $12 (vegan, nut-free, gluten-free) 
  • Confit garlic aioli | 1L – $12 (nut-free, gluten-free) 
  • XXX TTR APOCOLYPSE HOT SAUCE – fermented with garlic | 250g – $14 (vegan, nut-free, gluten-free)
  • TTR premium shredded cheese – Gruyere, Aged Cheddar, Mozz | 350g – $12
  • TTR creamery butter – Unsalted, pounded, shaped | 1 lb – $10
  • TTR brown butter | 400g – $10
  • TTR fresh herb, garlic, and shallot butter| 400g – $12 
  • Pâtisserie pop spread – mixed chocolate, cocoa crisp, roasted nuts, caramel crunch, poprocks | $12 (gluten-free)
  • Choconoisette spread – Belgian milk chocolate hazelnut praline | $12 (gluten-free)
  • Egg whites, fresh or frozen | 500ml – $4.50
  • Egg whites, fresh or frozen | 1L – $8
  • Chocolate pistoles – Finest Belgian, Organic and Fair Trade – Callebaut Courveture | 600g – $14
    – Dark – Extra bitter, intense roasted cocoa bean, low fluidity
    – Milk – Extra smooth, round and balanced, standard fluidity
    – White – Extra creamy, vanilla and caramel, standard fluidity


  • TTR Butter Croissant Loaf | (Pullman loaf, 30 1/2″ slices – we recommend thick slices for this product) $16
  • TTR Multigrain Sesame fennel Sourdough – AVB ONLY WED – SUN | 1100g – $8 (vegan)
  • TTR Ciabatta | 500g – $7.50 (vegan) SOLD  OUT
  • 6 Milk buns | 80g  – $10 SOLD  OUT
  • 6 Foccacia | 110g – $10 (vegan) SOLD  OUT
  • 6 Sesame Fennel Bagel | 95g – $12 SOLD  OUT
  • 6 Three Cheese Bagel | 95g – $12 SOLD  OUT
  • One dozen English Muffins | 95g – $28 SOLD  OUT
  • 6 Brioche Triple Tête| 180g – $32 SOLD  OUT


Minimum amount for pre-order is 4 pieces, unless in combination with other items.

Choose from

  • Quiche
  • House-cured, smoked bacon – $9.50 
  • Smoked trout and goat cheese – $9.50 
  • Truffled mushroom and brie – $9.50 
  • Charred kale, preserved lemon, and gruyère – $9.50 
  • French Omelette Croissant | gruyère, mozzarella, aged cheddar, wilted spinach, confit shallot, roasted garlic aioli – $9.50
  • Croque Croissant (Ham and Cheese)| Seared Black Forest ham deglazed with confit garlic cream, triple crunch mustard, gruyère, mozzarella, aged cheddar, slow caramelized onions – $9.50
  • Chicken Salad Croissant | pulled marinated chicken, cornichons, confit garlic and dijon aioli, apple and iceberg slaw – $9.50 SOLD OUT
  • Brie & Pickled Grape Croissant | Balsamic crunch mustard, triple crème brie, black walnuts, sherry pickled red grapes – $9.50
  • Vegan Squash Focaccia | Roasted butternut squash, pickled red onions, roasted red peppers, kale, spicy vegan aioli – $9.50


Sloane Loose Leaf Tea gift box| 15 sachets 

  • Tropical Green – $15.95
  • Jasmine Mist – $15.95
  • Marrakesh Mist – $15.95
Beans – Whole or Ground to your specifications:


  • Turbo Espresso | 12 oz – $22
  • Sierra Nevada | 12 oz – $25
  • Barroda | 12 oz – $25

Backroad Motor Coffee:

  • Ride or Die blend | 12 oz – $18
  • Base Camp Espresso | 12 oz – $19
  • Vagabond Ways | 12 oz – $21
  • La Primavera | 12 oz – $21

Tempered Cakes 

 >Click here to head to our cake menu<

Our cakes are individually handcrafted, and are made using the finest French pastry techniques. Taking into consideration the high quality of our ingredients, intensive processes, and cost of ethical labour, we make no money on these; we offer them out of pure love of craft, and the desire to elevate the pâtisserie scene in Toronto to that of the finest Parisian establishment