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Your vision + Our magic

This section is for small gathering cakes only. Our 10 person+/wedding/event/large cakes: start at $10 p/p. Our mini and individual mignardise, tarts, petit fours, choux, eclairs, entremets all range between  $3.25 and $9.75, with a dozen minimum per type for most orders. Please e-mail our catering department with the budget (required) + amount + pick up or delivery date 

Please read all the information below carefully for the size, price, and every possible detail required to place your order. At this time we are unable to consult back and forth. Feel free to write ‘up to the chefs’ if you are uncertain about any choices, or select from our signature cake menu

A personalised, customised pastry chef created cake | one size only | approx 1 kg* | $96
*Serves approximately 6 persons, which translates to 4 large portions or 8 tasting portions. Any leftovers will freeze beautifully. 

We don’t suggest inscriptions with these cakes for maximum artistic value. For inscription options regardless, please see our signature cake menu

Our famous cakes are all made using classic French pastry techniques. Each cake contains one element from each of the following categories. We choose the components that will best facilitate, catalyse, and bring together the ingredients, and thus cannot take specific element requests at the risk that it will adversely affect the cake.

i) pastry cream / mousse / mousseline
ii) compote / curd / custard / ganache / gelée
iii) praline / feuilletine / meringue/ caramel crunch
iv) sponge / macaron / joconde / biscuit

1) please choose up to three of the following general flavour profiles.

Feel free to let us know any one specific flavour the cake must include, any flavours you simply cannot have as part of the cake, or a known combination of flavours you desire e.g. an Ispahan cake or a red velvet cake with berries.

Dark chocolate



Milk chocolate

Seasonal fruit


White chocolate

Tropical fruit




Black tea



Herbal tea










Popped grains

Root Vegetable





2) And now finally, please choose one of the following finishes:

For the first two options, we can take up to one colour and one ‘feel’ request – e.g.: shiny pink and pretty/ elegant and muted/ dark and abstract. We will use the shape and design that works best.

  • Mirror Glaze (white chocolate based) 
  • Air brushed (cocoa butter velvet)
  • Rustic French pâtisserie style
  • Up to the chefs

How to order

  • Email to place order with your name, number, and the following information:

– The order (cake flavours, cake finish)
– Preferred pick up date
– Preferred pick up time (Mon – Thurs 9 a.m – 1pm, Fri – Sun 9 a m. – 3 p.m.)
– A phone number to reach you at, if necessary on the day of your order
– The address if for delivery and all relevant needed delivery information (apt/buzz/where to place and leave)

Closing information:

Our cakes are not the drop down mass produced factory menu kind of cakes. No two are the same, each order will be completely unique to you. Please browse our gallery below to get an idea of our style of cake. Our pastry chefs are true artists and scientists, and with creative freedom comes some real magic. Please place your custom orders with at least 1 week notice, the more notice the better of course!

Thank you for helping us honour our commitment to be amazing employers  

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