Corporate Catering Menus

Our corporate menus are designed to keep your guests engaged throughout the day while packing a punch with flavours. Our exceptional food standards ensure that your meeting or corporate event makes the right statement about your company.

Meetings, working lunches, brainstorming sessions, team building, all day conferences; The Tempered Room can take care of all your corporate catering needs so you can focus on your guests.

Our menus include healthy options to prevent the post-lunch slump. We also offer also plenty of gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan options.

These menus are previews, designed to give you a good sense of what we offer without overwhelming you with information. Our minimum order is $300 before taxes and delivery fees. For full pricing and options, please request a quote.


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Canapés preview

Part of the hors d’œuvre family, canapés are bite sized savouries. Each item is a 12 canapé minimum.

N’duja ~ Confit tomato tart, burrata, n’duja, smoked honey and pine nut chutney, micro lettuce

Chorizo ~ Chorizo sausage, toasted jalapeño cornbread, lime crema, garlic chips

Serrano ~ Puff pastry, wild leek mascarpone, seasonal mushrooms, serrano ham, pickled grapes

Tatin (Vegetarian) ~ Apple tatin, truffled goat cheese mousse, sunflower brittle

Beet (Vegetarian, Gluten Free) ~ Roasted beet tartare, cucumber, citrus ricotta, chimichurri

Mango roll (Vegan, Gluten Free) ~ Mango cucumber rice paper roll, spicy mayo, mint chutney

Also available: Ham, Duck Pastrami, Caesar Wrap, Liver Mousse, Smoked Chicken Salad, Brandade, Lobster Roll, Tomato (veg), Veggie Truffle, Smoked Egg (veg) — please request a quote to see full menus and prices.

Platters preview

Assorted sweet and savoury creations. Available in small size (feeds 8 to 10) and large (feeds 14 to 16).

Morning Mini Quiche Platter ~ An assortment of our mini bacon and cheese, house smoked trout, caramelized onion and cheese quiche or seasonal mushroom and cheese quiche.

Morning Sweet Platter ~ Regular butter croissants, chocolate croissants and seasonal scones served with house preserves & whipped butter.

Smoked Trout Platter ~ House smoked trout, pickled beets and spruce gelée, house mini English muffins, dill crème fraîche

Evening Crudité Platter (Vegan, Gluten Free) ~ Seasonal & greenhouse vegetables with two housemade dips (roasted red pepper hummus, vegan smoked carrot dip, spicy vegan aioli or olive tapenade).

Evening Savoury Pastry Platter ~ Ham croissants, kale & sweet potato biscuit, ham & scallion biscuits served with whipped butter.

Dips & Crisps Platter (Vegetarian) ~ Housemade sourdough, crackers and vegetable chips, pimento cheese, roasted garlic hummus, smoked tomato salsa.

Also available: Mini savoury platter, morning sandwich platters, classic morning pastry platter, bagel platter (veg), cheese platter (veg), charcuterie platter • Add to any platter: Fresh fruit, seasonal fruit chia pudding, yogurt parfaits. Please request a quote to see full menus and prices.

Healthy package preview

Pick one protein, two sides and one dessert from this menu to create your package. Please request a quote to see full menus and prices.

Healthy Proteins (choose 1)

  • Herb Roasted Chicken w/ lemon za’atar or chimichurri
  • Roast Beef, medium rare w/ house preserves & mustard selection
  • Dill Salmon, fillet or portions w/ dill crema, capers, arugula seedlings
  • Tamari Tempeh (vegan) w/ orange ginger glaze, crispy garlic, sprouts
  • Lentil Rissole (vegan) w/ herbed black rice
  • also available: Flank steak, smoked trout, tofu souvlaki, falafel.

Healthy sides (choose 2)

Spring or Summer salad, roasted beet salad, shaved carrot salad, baby arugula salad, kale caesar salad, soba noodle salad, green bean salad, tahini carrots, sesame rapini, green quinoa, sweet potato discs.

Healthy dessert (choose 1)

Seasonal fruit chia pudding, yogurt parfait w/ house granola, seasonal fruit tart, almond milk panna cotta, whole seasonal fruit, seasonal fruit cup.

Brown Bag Preview

Simplified and pre-packaged sandwiches & sides for large scale events or gatherings with short timelines or limited space. Gluten free bread available. Please request a quote to see full menus and prices.

Assorted sandwiches: Ham & cheese, charcuterie, roast beef, chicken, smoked eggs (veg), Mediterranean (veg), cucumber (veg), super tempeh (vegan), raw rainbow (vegan).

Salads (choose 1): Spring or summer leaves, smoked potato, kale caesar

Desserts (choose 1): Assorted house made cookies, chocolate brownie squares, whole seasonal fruit.

Packages Preview

These menus cover the range from a basic lunch meeting to a intimate client dinner. Please request a quote to see full menus and prices.

Standard sandwich package

Assorted sandwiches: Ham & cheese, BLT, charcuterie, roast beef, chicken salad, chicken, duck pastrami, smoked seafood, smoked eggs (veg), Mediterranean (veg), cucumber (veg), tomato (vegan), super tempeh (vegan), TLT (vegan), raw rainbow (vegan). — gluten free bread available.

Salads (choose 1): Spring or summer leaves, beet, arugula, smoked potato, kale caesar, grains, carrot, potato.

Desserts (choose 1): Assorted house made cookies, chocolate brownie squares, whole seasonal fruit.

Family package

Mains (choose 1)

  • Quiche: Bacon & cheese, smoked trout, onion & cheese (veg), mushroom & cheese (veg)
  • Tourtière: traditional meat, vegetarian
  • Pot pie: Chicken, short rib & pumpkin
  • Trout koulibiac

Sides (choose 1): Spring or summer leaves, shaved carrot salad, kale caesar salad, roasted asparagus, paini, green beans.

Desserts (choose 1): Assorted house made cookies, chocolate brownie squares, whole seasonal fruit.

Eaters package

Proteins (choose 2): Za’atar chicken, smoked chicken, roast beef, chimichurri bavette steak, smoked duck breast, smoked trout, cured salmon, butterfly shrimp, tofu terrine (vegan), falafel (vegan), lentil rissole (vegan).

Sides (choose 2): Endive salad, roasted beet salad, kale caesar, asparagus & beets, smoked potato salad, curried quinoa salad, heirloom carrots, roasted cauliflower, roasted broccoli, roasted mushrooms, green beans, hasselback squash

Desserts (choose 1): Assorted mini seasonal tarts, chocolate brownie squares, lemon almond cake, chocolate olive oil cake.

Executive package

Starters (choose 1): Curried quinoa salad, heirloom tomato gazpacho, asparagus & beets, endive salad.

Mains (choose 1): Za’atar chicken, smoked duck, beef wellington, dill salmon, jumbo shrimp, tempeh teriyaki, lentil rissole.

Dessert: an assortment of choux, éclair, tarts and mousses.


Hydration and caffeine: the fuel of productivity. If your event requires alcohol or bartending service, we are happy to accommodate. Please request a quote to see full menus and prices.


  • Freshly squeezed juice, individual bottles
  • Fresh pressed Loop juice, individual bottles
  • VAMS Kombucha or Kefir
  • Ontarieau sparkling or flat water
  • LaCroix sparkling beverage
  • Standard soda


  • Sam James coffee, 12 or 20 cup carafe with cups and accessories
  • Sloane tea, 12 or 20 cup carafe with cups and accessories