Menu Category: Viennoiserie

Dark chocolate bread pudding

Almond croissants, scones, nutella and cinnamon rolls reimagined into a wondrous bread pudding loaf. Layered with dark chocolate and even more almonds.

Seasonal Fruit Scone

Flaky, fluffy, buttery pastry with seasonal fruit.

Chouquettes / Gougères

Fresh puff pastries, hollow on the inside, sugary (chouquette) OR cheesy (gougère) on the outside. Impossible to consume only one, not sure why we offer individual pricing. Buy 6 for $3.25 • 12 for $6.00.


Made fresh daily, with rotating flavours such as peanut butter, chocolate chip, molasses, or whatever inspired our chefs that morning. Buy 3 for $2.75 • 6 for $5.00 • 12 for $8.25