Menu Category: Viennoiserie


Flaky, buttery TTR croissant dough rolled snuggling two small dark chocolate slabs.

Croissant aux amandes

Advanced croissantry. Not for the faint of heart. Our flagship croissant, stuffed with housemade frangipane and brushed with orange glaze.

Chocolatine aux amandes

Take one chocolatine, and add rum almond cream, brush with orange syrup and dash some toasted almonds on top. Talk about an upgrade!

Ferrero Rocher chocolatine aux amandes

Baked with pâte de noisette, oozing with Nutella and crunchy roasted hazelnuts.

Raspberry chocolatine aux amandes

A very delicious chocolatine aux amandes baked with sweet, tangy confiture de framboise.

Fruit or nut danish

Flaky, sweet danish topped lovingly with seasonal fruit or nuts.

Nutella roll

If you thought plain ol’ Nutella was addictive, wait until this unholy, glorious creation enters your life. Consume at your own risk. TTR is not responsible for unintended states of nirvana.

Cinnamon roll

Our classic croissant dough transformed into a flaky, gooey cinnamon roll.

Fruit & nut bread pudding

Almond croissants, scones, nutella and cinnamon rolls reimagined into a wondrous bread pudding loaf. Dates, apricots, walnuts & pecans.