Menu Category: Teas & other drinks

Sloane Tea

A wide variety of tea from the lovely, passionate team at Sloane. Currently stocking: Heavenly Cream, Marrakesh Mint, Jasmine Green, Masala Chai, Signature Black, Ginger Root, Citron Calm, Tempered Room Custom Blend. We are going to bring back Earl Grey soon as well!

Hot Chocolate

House made blend with nutmeg and notes of orange zest. We’ll put a shot of espresso in it for $2.55 too.

VAMS Kombucha

Probiotic, carbonated beverage made from fermented tea. Some believe it has mystical powers. We’ll settle for delicious taste. Currently stocking: Pink Punk (pictured), Beach, E3 Live Chaga, Lime Tumeric, Tropical Goth.

Loop Cold Pressed Juice

Eco-friendly, cold pressed juice that makes use of good produce that would have otherwise been wasted. Currently stocking: Undercover, Local Local, Beach Bum, Big Bang, Morning Glory (pictured).

La Croix Sparkling Water

Fizzy, fresh, naturally-flavoured water in a lot of different varieties. Currently stocking: Berry, Coconut, Lime, Lemon, Orange, Grapefruit (pictured), Cran-Raspberry and Peach-Pear.

Ontarieau Sparkling Spring Water

Locally sourced, bubbly and highly refreshing. Only stocking classic plain spring water currently.

Glass of Milk

We have a lot of it, so we’ll sell you some! 1.25% skim and 3.5% homogenized available. We also have soy & almond milk on hand.