Menu Category: Sandwiches

Croque monsieur

Artisanal pain de mie with herb butter and dijon spread on every possible surface. The veggie version gets a duxelle of wild mushrooms, folded into béchamel; ham has nutmeg béchamel. Both sandwiches are finished with an obscene amount of cheese and take 15 whole minutes to reach optimal meltiness.

Ham & cheese croissant

Our famous butter croissant sliced lengthwise, then filled with garlic butter, three cheeses, pan seared black forest ham and a grainy mustard cream.

Chicken salad sandwich

Not your mama’s chicken salad! We roast and pull the chicken. Then we toss it in a grainy mustard aioli, wild leek pesto, pickled rhubarb and serve it on a house made milk bun with fresh iceberg lettuce.

Lambchetta ciabatta

Our three day ciabatta, chorizo and pine nuts stuffed lamb saddle, chimichurri, caramelized onions, fermented radicchio and kholorabi, finished with a maple mustard crema.

Smoked goat cheese egg salad sandwich

A soft, fluffy milk bun, with diced, perfectly cooked eggs, folded with a smoked goat cheese aioli, pickled red onions and scallions.

Squash foccacia

In house foccacia pressed with smoked goat’s cheese, kale, herb-roasted squash, charred red peppers, pickled red onions, aged cheddar and diablo’s fuego hot sauce.

Huevos rancheros breakfast sandwich

Creamy black beans, smoked tomato compote, 3-cheese omelette, pickled jalapeño, avocado aioli on a house-made English muffin.

Kimchi pork belly breakfast sandwich

House-fermented nappa cabbage & Daikon, gochujang, hoisin BBQ pork belly, 3-cheese omelette, sesame kewpie mayo, grilled scallions on a made-this-morning English muffin.