Menu Category: Coffee

Drip Coffee

Freshly brewed Sam James single original medium roast. Ice, milk, cream for an extra $0.28. Extra shot for $2.55.


The classic espresso shot. Using Sam James’ balanced Butterknife blend.


Espresso shot, lots of steamed milk, topped with foamed milk. Less intense than a cappuccino. No less intense in our hearts.


Espresso shot, hot water. Classic, cozy, caffeinated.


Espresso, mixed with steamed milk, topped with foamed milk. Stronger than a latte. Our standard cappuccinos are dry (more foam), but our baristas are happy to make it however you’d like.

Flat White

Effectively a baby latte. Espresso shot, frothy, textured milk.


Espresso shot, roughly equal amount of warm milk. Not as frothy or as textured as a latte or flat white. Takes the bite out of a straight up espresso.


Espresso shot with a touch of foamed milk. Not quite as intense as a straight shot, but with more oomph than a cappuccino.


Espresso shot, chocolate milk, steamed milk. Velvety and slightly less intense than a cappuccino.

Iced Americano

The chill version of the Americano. Strong espresso flavour, suited for patios or to-go on a sunny day.