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In the Kitchen with Chef Greg Laird

“Rough, stupid and funny,” are three words chef Greg Laird uses to describe his 19-year-old self. From a kid who started at McDonald’s, to becoming the owner and head chef of a popular Toronto pâtisserie, Laird has a come a long way. His culinary journey started after high school, when he left McDonald’s, “I was […]

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Welcome to the new website!

For the past four years or so, our site was one page and a few forms. It got the job done, but an increasing number of folks wondered why we didn’t have more information. “I tried finding X on your site,” was a phrase we had to take more seriously.

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Passing on the flame

After four amazing and successful years, I am honoured, proud and excited to announce that I am passing on the flame to my Chef De Cuisine Greg Laird.

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