Author: Jordy Fujiwara

In the Kitchen with Chef Greg Laird

“Rough, stupid and funny,” are three words chef Greg Laird uses to describe his 19-year-old self. From a kid who started at McDonald’s, to becoming the owner and head chef of a popular Toronto pâtisserie, Laird has a come a long way. His culinary journey started after high school, when he left McDonald’s, “I was […]

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A few kind words

We’ve redone our catering testimonial page, elevating it from a flat, text heavy page to one with much more colour and fun. Many of the reviews—for which we are eternally grateful—are short and sweet. But sometimes our clients have a lot to say. We’ve posted some of the full reviews here so that they didn’t […]

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Welcome to the new website!

For the past four years or so, our site was one page and a few forms. It got the job done, but an increasing number of folks wondered why we didn’t have more information. “I tried finding X on your site,” was a phrase we had to take more seriously.

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Achievement unlocked: Ciabatta

It’s been a few months now since we’ve made this beautiful product, but it’s time to start testing it out for retail. With a 90% hydration, a 3-day ferment and 0 margin for error, this dough is truly a test of one’s skill.

Very proud of my team for nailing it down. When properly made, ciabatta has a lightly coloured, thin crust, a very open crumb, and a soft, somewhat sticky texture. Check, check, and check.

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The best croissant in Toronto

We pound our butter with rolling pins, which, in the dead of winter, often arrives frozen. No excuses. We hand make, fold, cut, and roll our product. We don’t have fancy machines or temperature controlled anything. Our secret is our unparalleled bakers and pastry chefs.

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Passing on the flame

After four amazing and successful years, I am honoured, proud and excited to announce that I am passing on the flame to my Chef De Cuisine Greg Laird.

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