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Welcome to the new website!

After a satisfying war with invading croissantinators, they’ve made good on their promise to deliver an upgraded online experience for The Tempered Room.

For the past four years or so, our site was one page and a few forms. It got the job done, but an increasing number of folks wondered why we didn’t have more information. “I tried finding X on your site,” was a phrase we had to take more seriously.

Improvements, additions, subtractions

Pages. We have any more pages.

Most notably, we’ve created an entire section dedicated to menus. These will display what we typically stock in store as well as give a sense of our enormous catering offerings. At the time of writing, some menu sections are still under construction but should be live by May at the latest.

We also have a shiny new blog area, and a (soon to be) deeper about us page. The catering section is also expanded.

Our homepage has less content but looks and behaves more or less the same. Some areas like Press and The Room were moved around. We’re also using Google Forms for catering quotes now—this could change in the future.

What’s to come

The stuff under the website’s hood has also undergone some significant changes. Thanks to this, we’re hopeful that we can soon integrate an online ordering system for the pâtisserie—pay online, pick up in store. That’s the vision at least!

We will also use this new and improved space to host announcements and other up and coming projects, alongside our various social platforms like Instagram and Facebook.

Send any questions, typos, errors and feedback our way!

With this new site in place, we’re hoping that it becomes a more integral part of the business. It will always be a work in progress. Especially now, as we clean up the crumbs left by our buttery battle. So if you spot any broken links, typos, errors, etc., please shoot an email to

Thanks for visiting!