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The best croissant in Toronto

What our family here at the Tempered Room does, amongst countless other things, is make the best croissants in Toronto.

There, we said it.

We pound our butter with rolling pins, which, in the dead of winter, often arrives frozen. No excuses. We hand make, fold, cut, and roll our product. We don’t have fancy machines or temperature controlled anything. Our secret is our unparalleled bakers and pastry chefs. The very same handful of us were taught the science and art by our brilliant and very unassuming Chef Grégoire Laird back in the day, and we all kept refining the process every minute till we acheived daily croissantvana.

We’re obsessed with getting the taste, texture, rise, crumb, honeycomb, flakiness, gloss, caramelization, and overall beauty of this magnificent veinnoiserie perfect every time. You can count the layers. Or stuff the buttery goodness in your face.

Come enjoy our flagship product as we’ll be here all day with our family making it for you. Trés bonne journée avec vos familles, Toronto.

Croissant cross-section. Not a mirror image.

(Originally posted by Chef Humera Ali on Instagram)