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Passing on the flame

Hello Friends,

After four amazing and successful years, I am honoured, proud and excited to announce that I am passing on the flame to my Chef De Cuisine Greg Laird who has been with me for three years and without whom this place would not be what it is today!

It all started in 2014 when I knew I was about to be a dad of twin girls. I had the most brilliant idea: “Let’s open a new business…” You would think my wife would have stopped me but no, instead, she decided to herself grow her own business and with no mat-leave and me at work 22 hours a day somehow managed to juggle working full-time and raising two new tiny humans…

After 6 months of insanity, renovations, delays, flooding, 6 weeks early preemies, 2 weeks in the NICU, no sleep, sickness, an intense love hate relationship growing at home, we finally opened The Tempered Room in September 2014!

It’s been a crazy ride since, but worth every minute! We started with a small crew of barely 10 people front and back combined. We all worked around the clock to try to keep up with production, making hundreds of croissants by hand with no sheeter and proofing everything on a wrapped baker’s trolley with a bucket of hot water sitting underneath… We grew to 15ish people within a year, to 30 not too long after—and THANKS to Sam James, being our first client and spreading the love, we took over the city by storm with Wholesale and became a 24/7 operation to produce thousands of pastries.

To say the least, the first few years were rough but thanks to a strong team, we pulled through! Meag, my crazy talented and devoted young Chef de Cuisine at the time helped me keep my head above water and dedicated everything to this place until she decided that her family was more important than us and moved back to Ottawa. Greg then took over the kitchen and helped take everything to the next level.

I am so proud and blessed with what we’ve accomplished in such a short time, I owe it all to the entire team, front and back. They all have been by my side this whole time always pushing and raising the bar and helping me achieve every goal we set. I couldn’t have accomplished anything if it wasn’t for them all. You know who you are, THANK YOU!

I also owe the success to all of the amazing customers, friends and family that kept and keep coming through the doors, either from far away or from the neighbourhood. THANK YOU!

To our amazing community-loving ‘hood Parkdale, you embraced us since the get-go and I couldn’t think of a better neighbourhood to open a place and be a part of a community. THANK YOU!

And of course to Ruth, my better half and partner in crime for her unconditional love and support through it all, from the day I said I wanted to open a place to the day I said I wanted to stop. THANK YOU!

So, today, Friday November 30th 2018 is my last day. After all these amazing years, I’ve decided to take a break and spend time with my family and focus on our new family project: “The River House.” Follow us on Instagram and see what we get up to.

In the meantime, the shop, the catering, the vibe will still all be the same, probably even better! Greg is a passionate and super talented young chef, I couldn’t ask for a better person to take over and keep the legacy going. I’ve told him his goal is to make me look bad and I’m sure he will!

With much LOVE,

— Bert